Kannabrix – CBD Syrup – 62.5mg
January 8, 2019
Kannabrix – Natural CBD Syrup – Energy (Unflavored)
February 6, 2019

Kannabrix – Natural CBD Syrup – 1000mg


Made in the USA, with the highest quality ingredients and CBD. Kannabrix Pure CBD Syrup contains 0 THC, and is perfect for those looking for the benefits of cannabidiol without the psychoactive effects. Vegan Friendly.


Serve individual drinks at your establishment? Start selling CBD infused drinks with our 1000mg pump bottles. One hundred 10mg servings in each bottle making it easy to infuse any drink!!

Kannabrix CBD Syrup mixes great into cocktails, beers, soda & water, but don’t stop with those! Make some delicious snow cones, or cover your waffles with it to have even more fun with CBD!


CBD: 1000mg

THC: 0.00%


Energy Unflavored (RAW), Relax Cherry, Relax Citrus, Unflavored (RAW)


FDA has stated that no CBD company can make the following claims:
– CBD may help with sleep
– CBD may help with anxiety
– CBD may help with pain
– CBD may help with inflammation
– CBD may help with nausea
– CBD may help with severe ailments


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